Pedagogical publications

These pages list all my publications, in the three main genres of scientific, pedagogical and general interest.

For each genre, publications are sorted according to quality:

  • A. Peer review, selective acceptance
  • B. Editorial review, selective acceptance
  • C. Other publications

Category A include only publications in peer-reviewed fora which are actually selective, i.e., where a significant proportion of submissions are rejected.

Category B comprise invited papers as well as articles and chapters reviewed and accepted by editors.

Books form a separate category (0), mainly out of respect for conventions.

O. Books

Löwgren, J., Stolterman, E. (2004). Thoughtful interaction design: A design perspective on information technology. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Developing information technology can be viewed as a design discipline, and we outline the implications of such a perspective. We address issues such as the design process, being and becoming a designer, the roles of methods and tools, and the use qualities of digital artefacts. The aim is to provide a contribution to the design theory of information technology. The entire book is joint work, in terms of contents as well as text shaping. [This book is also listed in Scientific publications.]

Löwgren, J., Stolterman, E. (1998). Design av informationsteknik: Materialet utan egenskaper. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

The first version of what was eventually to become »Thoughtful interaction design.«

Löwgren, J. (1993). Human-computer interaction: What every system developer should know. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

This rather ancient textbook is focused on process-related aspects of HCI, covering topics such as usability definition and evaluation; user-interface design; prototyping; implementation. It also touches on cognitive and organizational foundations for usability-oriented systems development. The final chapter discusses obstacles to the industrial take-up of HCI practice and how to overcome them.

B. Pedagogical publications, editorial review, selective acceptance

Löwgren, J. (2000). Om tekniskt kunnande i innovativ forskning och utveckling. [On technological knowing in innovative research and development.] Skolverket.

An essay on the need for and characteristics of technological knowing in transdisciplinary research. Written on invitation from Skolverket as inspirational material for the development of a new high-school/college curriculum (gymnasieprogram) in technology.

Löwgren, J., Quinn, C., Gasen, J., Gorny, P. (1994). Designing the teaching of HCI: A CHI ’94 workshop. SIGCHI Bulletin 26(4):28–31.

The paper reports on a workshop at CHI ’94 and was jointly drafted. I wrote the main parts, edited the other contributions and prepared the final version for submission.

Löwgren, J., Holmberg, L. M. (1993). Customizing the SIGCHI curriculum for use in Sweden. SIGCHI Bulletin 25(4):8–11.

We describe the work undertaken in Stimdi to develop a Swedish HCI curriculum. The paper was drafted jointly. I wrote the better part of the text and prepared the final version.

C. Other pedagogical publications

Löwgren, J. (1999–). Annotated bibliography of interaction design.

An eclectic collection of books that I find relevant for interaction design and useful for students of interaction design. (There is also a similar collection of some 60 HCI titles which was compiled 1992–97.)

Löwgren, J. (2005–). Interaction design sketchbook.

A collection of interaction design concepts that I present for others to pick up and develop further (under Creative Commons Attribution rules).

Löwgren, J. (2015). Till en designstudent som ska göra examensarbete på kandidatnivå. In Swedish. Available in PDF.

A 32-page introductory text for Bachelor's students preparing their research-through-design thesis projects.

A range of teaching materials that I have produced and published on Web pages:
Löwgren, J. (2008). A visualization catalogue.
Löwgren, J. (2008). Sketching in interaction design (annotated slides).
Löwgren, J. (2007). Designing with moving images.
Löwgren, J. (2007). Mashing the digital materials: A case study of Call On Me.
Löwgren, J. (2004). Sketching interaction design.
Löwgren, J. (2001). Interactive visualization.
Löwgren, J. (2000). Animation in interaction design.
Löwgren, J. (2000). Lingo basics.
Löwgren, J. (2000). Hacker culture(s).
Löwgren, J. (1999). Use-oriented web design.
Löwgren, J. (1999). Introduction to Director.
Löwgren, J. (1999). Managing information overflow.

Ehn, P., Löwgren, J. (Eds., 2004). Design [x] research: Essays on interaction design as knowledge construction. Studies in Arts and Communication #03, Malmö University.
Available in PDF at Malmö University Electronic Press.

A collection of papers from a PhD student course on the relations between design and research. Nine students from Malmö University and other Swedish universities address issues such as the genre-bound nature of design knowledge, the role of sketching in knowledge construction and the possibility of a critical design research agenda.

Löwgren, J., Ehn, P. (Eds., 2003). Searching voices: Towards a canon for interaction design. Studies in Arts and Communication #01, Malmö University.
Available in PDF at Malmö University Electronic Press.

A collection of papers from a PhD student course on interaction design perspectives on related disciplines such as literature, new media, virtual reality, architecture, critical design and work practice studies. The aim was to explore the notion of a canon for interaction design by studying influential examples from the respective literatures in related fields.

Löwgren, J. (Ed., 1996). Teman i människa-datorinteraktion. [Topics in human-computer interaction.] Dept. of Informatics, Lund University.

A collection of student papers from a graduate HCI course that I gave at Lund University. My contributions were to write an introduction, edit the collection, review and comment upon the papers and typeset the report.

Löwgren, J. (1995). Perspectives on usability. Lecture Notes LiTH-IDA-R-95-23, Dept. of Computer Science, Linköping University. Available in PDF.

This is an overview of the different ways in which the concept of usability has been constructed and used in HCI research and practice. The aim of the paper is mainly pedagogical.

Thomas, P., Löwgren, J. (1994). From theory to action: Teaching research and practice in technology. Proc. 11th Int. Conf. Technology and Education (ICTE'94), London, vol. 2, pp. 984–986.

The paper, which reports a case study from a Masters' course using innovative teaching methods, was jointly drafted, written and revised.

Löwgren, J. (1993). Om teknologers inställning till sina studier. [How engineering students view their studies.] Report LiTH-IDA-R-93-09, Dept. of Computer Science, Linköping University. In Swedish.

A phenomenographical study of engineering students' attitudes towards their studies.

Löwgren, J., Holmberg, L. M. (Eds., 1993). MDI-utbildning: Vad, hur och varför. [HCI education: What, how and why.] Stimdi-rapport 1993:1.

A comprehensive presentation of the Swedish HCI curriculum developed by the STIMDI education task force. The task force jointly drafted the report; I wrote large parts of the text and edited the final version together with Holmberg.