Mashing the materials of digital culture:
A case study of Call On Me videos

Jonas Löwgren, March 16, 2007


The song Call On Me was recorded by Swedish DJ/producer Eric Prydz in the Fall of 2004, using a sample from Valerie by Steve Winwood (who re-recorded the sample for Call On Me).

Call On Me made it to the top of the charts throughout Europe.

The video was directed by Huse Monfaradi and attracted a bit of attention due to its explicitness and its antiquated gender stereotypes.

I needed to prepare a case study of how pieces of popular culture are appropriated and mashed up in the interactive media, for an interaction design class I teach in "Mass media and interactive media." Earlier the same day, I had happened to read a newspaper article about Eric Prydz where the song Call On Me was mentioned. Searching for the song title in Google Video yielded not only the original video (above) but also hundreds of variations.

I have selected a few of the variations and present them in the following pages, in order to illustrate the breadth of creative reappropriation taking place in the interactive audiovisual media. Some approach professional production quality, other are more simple. What they all share is the pleasure of creative expression and of making a point, using everyday tools and media.

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