A compendium on the use of video to represent and express interaction design

A significant challenge in interaction design practice is to express, shape and communicate the behavior of an intended design.

Time-based media such as video can be a good choice for that purpose. This compendium presents a number of approaches to video as an expressive medium for interaction design.

Broadly speaking, there seem to be three dimensions to consider when creating a video to express and explore an interaction design idea.

NARRATIVE APPROACH. Should the video be a fiction or an enactment? Should it have a story? Or is there a narrator talking about the ideas that the images show?

FIDELITY. Is the video going to show realistic and detailed renderings of the design, or should props and mockups be used as obvious place-holders?

TECHNIQUE. How to produce the video? Do we make a live-action shoot (perhaps the most obvious choice), or is animation a better choice? Perhaps even a slideshow would do?

Note, Jan 27, 2008: For readers who find this material interesting and want to learn more, I recommend the recent book "Designing with video" by Ylirisku and Buur. It covers various uses of live-action video in design quite extensively.

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01. (This page.) Introduction of three dimensions in video as a design tool: Narrative approach, fidelity and technique.

02. Tip-toe. A classical-style video sketch, showing enactment with props.

03. Palcom recording station. A more recent example, same kind of video.

04. News media, September 15, 2002. Fairly detailed design mockups composited with live action in a thin story.

05. post-hoc worknotes and

06. Our News And Sports are both similar examples.

07. Sitep. Interface mockups presented in a cutout animation.

08. SoundSwe. Mockups in a quick and cheap slideshow format.

09. Paintorama. A Wizard-of-Oz design sketch enacted before the camera.

10. Sketch-A-Move. A similar and quite captivating example.

11. c3demo. An extremely quick and cheap slideshow with non-edited voiceover.