By Anab Jain and Louise W. Klinker. 2004.

Student work from the interaction design Masters' program at Royal College of Arts, London. The brief was set by toy company Mattel in a five-week assignment on new concepts for toy cars.

The idea is quite enchanting and the video is very expressive, as the excerpt to the right shows. At first, you might think that it was done in stop-motion animation but when objects start falling, you realize that there has to be another mechanism.

The answer is in fact magnets. The cars have iron pieces underneath. The path to be run is determined in advance and an assistant hides under the table with a strong magnet. The demonstrator draws on the car, and the assistant starts dragging the magnet along a guiding line drawn on the underside of the table.

More about the project and other work by Klinker.

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