Video prototypes are scenarios in which the use of an envisioned design is enacted and recorded. Simple props represent interaction techniques and the video is generally cut only by starting and stopping the camera. The aim is to produce a rapid, tentative and sketchy expression of a design idea.

This example explores the idea of a digitally enhanced plaster cast recording biometric data from the arm of a patient with a severe burn injury (the sticky note in the first image).



The functions of the plaster are suggested by flipping sheets of paper taped to the patient's arm.



The patient records a timestamp to mark an incident of experienced pain...



... and makes a voice annotation to describe the situation. The patient's intention is to capture a specific experience in order to discuss it later with his doctor.



Simple techniques are used to illustrate how existing displays can be used to view data captured by the augmented plaster cast.

The video prototype is available for download here in Windows Media format (9.1 MB).

PROJECT CREDITS: The video prototype is the work of Claus Bossen, Pelle Ehn and Per Linde in the Palpable Computing project funded by the European Commission.

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