The storyboard example in this section is taken from our ongoing work in the Palpable Computing project.

Specifically, we study ways of supporting rehabilitation after hand surgery. We know from earlier studies that it is useful in several ways for patients to get take-home videos of their occupational therapist consultations.

Large amounts of digital video, however, soon become hard to manage. The sketch on the left (storyboard slides 1-5) explore the idea of using hand posture and motion as index into the video material.



The storyboard sketch above glosses over the question of how hand posture and motion data are captured. We explored four possible approaches using static sketches as shown on the left.



PROJECT CREDITS: The Palpable Computing project is funded by the European Commission. Our contributions to the project are joint work by Erling Björgvinsson,Håkan Edeholt, Mette Agger Eriksen, Pelle Ehn, Per-Anders Hillgren, Per Linde, Jörn Messeter, Stefan Olofsson, Tomas Sokoler and myself. The drawings shown in this section are by me.