Headshot of Jonas, 2015

Jonas Löwgren

Professor of interaction and information design at the Division of Media and Information Technology.

Postal address:
Linköping University
601 74 Norrköping, Sweden

+46 7039 178 54

jonas.lowgren at liu.se

Features, Sep 6, 2021

Some recent work that I would like to highlight specifically:

Notes on craft and interaction design. A lightly structured and partly commented selection of excerpts from various literatures. The aim is to provide food for thought on what interaction design could learn from craft.

A reflection on the first two years of teaching the Visual Media track in the MSc Design program at Linköping University.

My interaction design bookshelf. An annotated bibliography at LibraryThing. Currently 231 titles included. The general aim is to cover books of significance for state of the art interaction design research and education.

Imagery. Some of my photography and graphic design collected over at Flickr.