Profession-oriented work

Throughout my work in academia, there is a consistent element of collaboration with external partners for mutual learning and benefit.

This page is a list of profession-oriented activities, including positions of trust, external teaching projects, formal networks and trade-oriented projects, and talks and other dissemination activities.

My general-interest publications are listed on the publications page.


External positions of trust

Board member for pedagogical publisher Gleerups AB.
Member of Executive Board for the Interaction Design Foundation.
Expert advisor for Tibco Spotfire on innovation in information visualization.
Invited by Nokia as expert participant in co-creation session on mobile devices in social contexts.
Invited by Ericsson as expert participant in workshop on scenarios for future communication.

External teaching

Developing and teaching a one-day workshop on Physical interaction and mixed-media interfaces at Sony Ericsson, 18 participants from the Accessories department.
Developing and teaching two one-day workshops on Sketching techniques and Use qualities at TeliaSonera, 11 participants from Design and Usability specialist group. Followed by structured coaching on specific design projects.
Co-organizing workshop on interactive media and TV for professional producers. With tv-skolen, Copenhagen.
Developing and teaching a two-day specialist seminar on Explorative design at Enator, 12 participants.
Developing and facilitating a six-month specialist development program in Usability at Ericsson Radio Systems, 10 participants.
Co-developing and co-teaching a graduate course on Human-computer interaction for CelsiusTech Systems, Järfälla (with Stefan Holmlid and Martin Howard).
Developing and teaching a three-day module on Navigation and usability in virtual worlds for netExpress 24, Västervik, 20 participants.
Developing and teaching a three-day course on Human-computer interaction for Telub, Växjö, 13 participants.
Developing and teaching a one-day Human-computer interaction module in the System School development initiative at Celsius Tech, 15 participants.
Developing and teaching a one-week course on User-centered development of interactive systems at IDA, 13 industry participants.

Recent networks and trade-oriented projects

Co-founder and management group member for regional development initiative Visual Sweden, including close collaboration with some fifty companies and public-sector actors.
Co-founder and management group member for Malmö University research center Internet of Things and People, including close collaboration with eleven partner companies.
Area manager for Collaborative Crossmedia within Medea, a national research and co-production environment in new media. External collaboration partners include media, telecom and ICT companies as well as NGOs and activist organizations. Co-manager of the Substrate project within CCM.
Co-organizing From Business To Buttons, an annual trade conference on usability and interaction design. 300 participants, mainly from ICT and telecom industries. With Micke Svedemar and others, and with InUse and other industrial partners.
Co-organizing Moving Images, an annual trade conference on the future of audiovisual media. 250–350 participants from the Scandinavian media industry. With Swedish Television and Media Mötesplats Malmö.
Responsible for research and academic liaison in the New Media Center consortium, involving 20 companies and four research and commercialization organizations in the media industry.

Recent talks and »dissemination activities«

What craft skills do interaction designers need to work on innovative forms of interaction? Invited talk at Interaction Design Foundation Linköping.
Mötet mellan teori och praktik [Theory meets practice]. Invited talk at Leksands folkhögskola.
Praktiskt arbete som kunskapsproduktion [Practical work as knowledge production]. Invited talk at Campus Falun, Dalarna University.
Designdriven utveckling [Design-driven development]. Keynote at Medieteknikdagarna, Campus Norrköping, Linköping University.
Hemma på Internet? [At home on the Internet?] Invited talk as part of exhibition on notions of the home, Eksjö Museum.
Att tänka med händerna. [Thinking with your hands.] Keynote at crafts symposium, Sätergläntans Folkhögskola, Insjön.
Let me take a selfie. Talk during the Leva Livet week, Norrköping.
Featured in Sigma Technology Vision Movie, an animated mission statement on the future of technical information.
Interaction design and vehicles. Invited talk at Volvo Construction Equipment, Göteborg.
Featured in Connecting, a documentary on the future of interaction design commissioned by Microsoft Research.
Designing collaborative media. Invited talk in Content Strategy and Design master class at the communication agency Cypres, Leuven, Belgium.
The nature of design. Invited keynote at Designs for Learning conference, Copenhagen.
Teknikinformation 2.1. Invited presentation at trade seminar on new trends in technical information, in Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg during September and October 2012.
Sketching in code. Invited talk at design company ustwo, Malmö.
Exploring, sketching and other designerly forms of working.Invited keynote at trade conference Interaction 12, Dublin. Webcast of the talk.
Medier av oss, för oss. [Media by us, for us.] General-interest talk at the Malmö City Library, February 2011. Watch full talk (21 minutes, in Swedish) or two-minute summary (in English).
Interaction design vs. new media. Invited keynote at trade conference Interaction Design South America 2010, Curitiba, Brazil.
Teknikinformation 2.1. [Technical information 2.1.] Invited presentation at trade seminar on new trends in technical information, Malmö, November 2009. (Repeated in Göteborg in February 2010 and in Stockholm in April 2010.) Synopsis and slide show available. April 2010 version of the talk itself (in Swedish), slightly edited, available.
Sociala medier: Hur funkar det? [Social media: How does it work?] Panelist at trade seminar on social media in politics and business, Norrköping, November 2009.
Att hitta sådant som man redan borde ha vetat. [Finding things you should already have known.] Invited presentation at trade seminar on Visualization and planning, ProNova, Norrköping, September 2009.
Företagets dolda strukturer. [The hidden structures of the company.] Invited presentation of the Pinpoint project at Visual Forum, Göteborg, March 2009.
Experiential qualities in interactive visualizations. Keynote talk at the SIGRAD conference on visualization and computer graphics, November 2008. Annotated slides available.
Sketching in interaction design. Talk at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, November 2008. Annotated slides available.
Designing for collaborative crossmedia creation. Keynote talk at the 2nd Int. DREAM Conf., Odense, September 2008. Annotated slides available.
Varför deltar folk i deltagande medier? [Why do people participate in participatory media?] Invited talk at trade seminar on mobile marketing, Malmö, May 2008. Annotated slides in Swedish available.
Interaktionsdesign: Några observationer om designprocesser, designförmåga och deltagare. [Interaction design: Some observations on design processes, design ability and participants.] Invited talk at Alenio, Stockholm, May 2008. Annotated slides in Swedish available (low resolution images).
An interaction designer's sense of quality. Keynote talk at the 7th Danish HCI Research Symposium, Copenhagen, November 2007. Annotated slides available.
Data on your fingertips: Designing captivating interactive visualizations. Invited talk at the developers' conference Øredev, Malmö, November 2007. Annotated slides and a video of the talk are available.
Interaction experience: Pliability, fluency and other experiential qualities. An invited talk at the trade conference From Business To Buttons, Malmö, June 2007.
Organizing and introducing the seminar Can design be research? for RIFO (the Swedish association of parliament members and researchers).
Interaction design. Aesthetics. A talk at IxDA Stockholm, December 2006, on aesthetic experiential qualities in interaction design. Pliability and fluency are covered in some depth. Annotated slides available.
Vetandets Värld: Gränstrakter. Om interaktionsdesign, böcker och berättande. [National radio program on science.] A conversation between Johan Svedjedal, sociologist of literature, and myself about interaction design and narrativity. Sveriges Radio P1, February 4, 2005. In Swedish.
Introduction to the program.
The broadcast (Real Media, 2.4 MB.)
Hackerkultur och kunskapssyn. [Hacker cultures and perspectives on knowledge.] Invited talk at ITU What's next, Oslo, September 26, 2001. In Swedish.
Interaktionsdesignerns ABC. [The interaction designer's ABC.] Lecture on the foundations of interaction design. (Lecture notes, in Swedish.)
Invited speaker (seminars and keynotes) in conferences, universities and companies, in Sweden and abroad. Some examples include the Swedish IT Commission; George Washington University, US; Microsoft, Redmond, US; Cypres, BE; GMD, Bonn, DE; Technical University, Vienna, AT; Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien, AT; University of Bremen, DE; Åbo Akademi Vasa, FI; University of Art and Design Helsinki, FI; the Culture Council of Bergen, NO; ITU conference at Oslo University, NO; The IT University, Copenhagen, DK; Ericsson Design Manager European Workshop; Ericsson Customer Support; Ericsson Communicating Worlds 2020 Workshop; Enator; CelsiusTech; Sigma; Volvo; ustwo; FMV; Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS); Swedish Institute for Systems Development (SISU); IxDA Sweden; Kulturhuset, Nässjö; Øredev 2007, Malmö, Sweden; From business to buttons 2007, Malmö, Sweden; KVIT 2005, Linköping, Sweden; Stimdi 2001, Stockholm, Sweden; Linköping Usability Professionals Association; Umeå Institute of Design; universities of Kalmar, Södertörn, Umeå, Stockholm, Linköping, Borås, Göteborg, Jönköping, Växjö, Lund, Östersund.