Notes on
craft and interaction design

Version 1, December 2020

A lightly structured and partly commented selection of excerpts from various literatures. The aim is to provide food for thought on what interaction design could learn from craft.

Design is not craft. Interaction design is certainly not craft. But there are elements of interaction design that could benefit from a craft perspective.

The document provided here as a PDF for download is an annotated bibliography of sorts, collecting excerpts from a rather broad selection of sources that I find pertinent to understanding craft and what interaction design can learn from craft. The sources are drawn from several academic disciplines. I have provided my reflections and comments on some of the excerpts, and sorted them into seven categories:

It is my hope that this document can provide inspiration for other interaction design scholars and practitioners in their joint efforts of bringing our discipline forward.

Cite as: “Löwgren, J. (2020). Notes on craft and interaction design, version 1. Available at”

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