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Our News And Sports

This work was part of the New Millennium, New Media research project funded by the EC.

Our News And Sports was designed by myself and Amanda Bergknut. The NM2 project team in Malmö included Henrik Larsson, Inger Lindstedt, Tobias Nilsson, Bo Reimer and Richard Topgaard.

Thanks to Andrew Simpson and Adam Bognar for acting in the demonstration, to James Haliburton for narrating the second part, and to E.T.K. for sharing their music.

Our News And Sports is a concept demonstration of interactive television. The focus is on tribal navigation -- collaboration in relatively small groups of people who know and trust each other -- on top of potentially very large media archives.

The key idea of the design is that the system collects social metadata from people related to you, and uses it to help you browse, filter and search the archives.

The demonstration movie can be downloaded here in slightly better quality (MP4, 35.5 MB).