Headshot of Jonas, 2015

Jonas Löwgren

Professor of interaction and information design at the Division of Media and Information Technology.

Postal address:
Linköping University
601 74 Norrköping, Sweden

+46 7039 178 54

jonas.lowgren at liu.se

Features, Nov 27, 2018

Some recent work that I would like to highlight specifically:

Visual Sweden. A Vinnova-funded initiative for regional growth in the fields of visualization and image analysis.

On the significance of making in interaction design research. Cover story in interactions, May–June 2016.

Till en designstudent... A text in Swedish for Bachelor’s students preparing for their research-through-design thesis projects.

Capable Books. A recent explorative project aiming to augment books in new ways by combining classical bookbinding with physical computing.

Connecting. An 18-minute documentary on the transformation of interaction design from tools to media, and other contemporary trends.

My interaction design bookshelf. An annotated bibliography at LibraryThing. Currently 223 titles included. The general aim is to cover books of significance for state of the art interaction design research and education.

Imagery. Some of my photography and graphic design collected over at Flickr.